A wild Rachel appears!

Rachel came to visit!

It was awesome.

She came and hung out with me for a little while at BerryAustin, then she had real barbecue for the first time at County Line. It was great!

(Pictures when my dad gets them off his phone.)

We went to SoCo (South Congress) and window shopped, ate at Zen, had some chili powder fries from Mighty Cone (all their food comes in paper cones), met up with Julie, and had Hey Cupcake!

We thought you would appreciate this Katie.

There is this thing called The Red Swing Project. It’s awesome. We need a swing at Hendrix.

Red swing on SoCo

(Side note: I am not a fan of the picture thingy on WordPress. It is confusing. The problem is probably compounded by the current spotty internet connection I am experiencing, but I don’t like it. That is why the pictures are different sizes. I don’t care enough to fix them right now.)

Saturday was also the KEEP AUSTIN WEIRD FESTIVAL AND 5K. Because Austin needs a whole race to celebrate its weirdness. I love this city. I wish I had taken more pictures of other people’s costumes, but I didn’t.

Wheez and I were the only ones that ran, and we were a double negative. (Or running no(ses), if you are really attached to that costume idea.)

Julie, Maggie, Rachel, Me, Wheez, and Stephanie

The race was a lot of fun, but a little crazy. So, the Spartan had obstacles, and a lot of races have stops along the way. Tons of races have “Free beer with race entry”. Most races wait until after you have run to ply you with alcohol. Austin took a different course of action. There were “fun stops” these included:

  • Brats n’ Beer
  • Tito’s Vodka
  • Zico Coconut Water
  • Pino’s Palette (wine and painting)
  • Windsor Communities (they handed out sunglasses)
  • Amy’s Ice Cream
  • Dos Equis

There were a couple of other stops, but they, like the coconut water station, handed out things that were actually useful while running three miles when it is 99 degrees outside. Like water. The last thing I want while running is ice cream, sausage, and alcohol. Good grief. It was a little insane. Tons of fun, but man, these people be crazy. I like Austin. It reminds me that no matter how crazy I am, I’m not the weirdest one out there. By far.

A hug Rachel wasn’t happy about- it does exist!

Rachel didn’t appreciate our sweaty, after-race hug. Silly Rachel.

More posts soon! (Probably.)



One thought on “A wild Rachel appears!

  1. That sounds like so much fun. If I could just get my act together maybe I could one day make it out to Austin…one day! I do appreciate the pictures. There has been an unfortunate lack of awesome beards and mustaches this summer and I am not at all happy about it.

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