Because life is distracting.

So… I fail. A little bit. Or a lot, depending on your opinion. Luckily, your opinion doesn’t matter, so it’s just a little fail. I wrote this a while ago, and lots of stuff has happened since then, but I am just now posting it. Yay.

Wow. So much has happened since I have been home. I have cooked/baked:

-tiramisu cupcakes
-blueberry muffin cookies
-chocolate chip cookies
-Chipotle’s corn relish
-lots of spinach salad
-veggie burgers
-sweet potato fries
-a different kind of sweet potato fries
-lots of green smoothies
-banana bread
-rice pudding
-pizza crust
-pizza (different crust) with egg, asparagus, fontina cheese, parmesan cheese, and bacon


This photo is stollen from the same place I got the recipe, a blog called How Sweet It Is, because I don’t have my fancy camera yet (I have it now! More about that later), and I can’t bring myself to take pictures with my crappy point and shoot.

Heaven. This is Heaven.
If heaven is not as delectable as this sandwich, I will be pissed. You can’t even comprehend the awesomeness of this sandwich until you have had it. Brie and chocolate? Great idea. Roasted strawberries? Better idea. Add them all together between hot and toasted bread? Someone give that person the Nobel Prize.
I realize that there has actually been a lot of stuff that has happened since May 9th. Oh, Lordy. I am not even going to try to explain the awesomeness of the canoe trip until I get those pictures back (disposable cameras for the win), but I will talk about peach picking and THE SPARTAN RACE.
First, THE SPARTAN RACE. On the twentieth of May, I embarked on a super epic journey. Namely, THE SPARTAN SPRINT. You know how it was a 5K? Well, they lied. It was somewhere between 5.1 and 6 miles. Of hills and and obstacles and pure awesome. When the announcer guy (dressed as a spartan, of course) started talking to the crowd, he was all “There is a water stop on mile four!” And I turned to Stephen and panicked just a little bit. Because there aren’t four miles in a 5K, and I had only ever run 3 miles.
Oh, and fire:
The obstacles were things like:
-barbed wire
-tractor pull (pull a concrete block with a metal chain)
-swim under things
-climb over floating things
-crawl through tunnels
-use a pulley to lift a concrete block
-carry a sandbag up and down a hill
-more barbed wire
-mud hills
-jump over short walls (4 feet)
-jump over tall walls (8 feet)
-jump through walls
-climb up a twenty foot rope*
-use a rope to climb up a wall that the helpful race people soaped up with Dial for Men, after wading through chest deep water
-walk across a log floating in water
-far apart monkey bars*
-leap from post to post
-jump over fire
-flip giant tires over a bunch
-spear throw*
-4 1/2 foot high hurdles made of cedar trees
-more walls
-more barbed wire
-people at the finish line with giant sticks to hit you
-rattlesnakes (not an actual obstacle, just extra fun provided for you by Texas)
*failed obstacles
Failing an obstacle meant that you had to do 30 burpees. Burpees suck. I only failed three, which I think is pretty damn awesome, especially since the ones I failed I would need a lot more upper body strength to accomplish. So basically, I am a badass. Is that one word? Because it looks funny. Whatever. Anyway, I never would have made it through (okay, I would have made it through, but I would have walked) without Stephen. He was weirdly supportive throughout the whole thing. It was WEIRD. I oscillated between thinking he was a fantastic human being and thinking he was a terrible human being. He found this amusing. I also decided his definintion of fun was wrong (It’s not.). He responded to one of my assaults on his character with this:
“I’m like Jillian Michaels. You will hate me during it, but love me after.”
I thought this was so funny, I forgot to hate him when he made us run the next couple hills. I may have been a little dehydrated and exhausted at this point. Point is, I did it. I ran 5 1/2 miles and 23 obstacles and didn’t die. I can do it. I proved something to myself that day, and it was awesome. Come at me life. I got this.
Last week, I ran 5 miles in 52:12 with Wheez. Because we are awesome. Oh, and I am going to run the Gauntlet in September. Which is like the Spartan but shorter. Oh, and the Keep Austin Weird 5K is next week. It seems kind of not at all daunting or intense. A) because it is the Keep Austin Weird 5K, and B) The Spartan.
Oh, and you know how my back randomly decides to intensely hurt for like 15 minutes, and then goes away? Apparently I’m fine. I went to the doctor when it started happening all the time, and he was like, your x-rays are fine, you are twenty, go run more, and don’t forget core.
Oh, and PEACH PICKING. It was awesome. Peaches are delicious.
Also, boxes are for hats.
Shannon, the master peach picker.
Wheez, another master peach picker.
Oh, and I went to Houston to visit Michelle and see THE HEAD AND THE HEART.



So, basically, lots of things have happened. And my life is mostly awesome. I am super excited about this summer, and feel ready to face the world. YAY!

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